4 Things Tony G. Has 100% Actually Said

Born Antanas Guoga, Tony G. is a businessman and politician better known for his career as a professional poker player. More to the point, Tony G. is known as the ultimate trash-talker.

For a man named after the patron saint of the poor, Mr. Guoga has a reputation as something of a loudmouth. If you watch him at the table, though, you’ll see the wisdom of his method. He genuinely gets in other player’s head and forces them to make terrible plays. It doesn’t have to work more than once in a blue moon for it to be a valuable tool, and he’s an expert at it.

Tony G. is now an elected member of the European Parliament, which is the governing body of the European Union. He’s married to a very attractive Lithuanian model. He runs TonyBet, and some people refer to him as a philanthropist.

Those labels are a far cry from the Tony we know and love. Refurbished reputation or not, the man can make me laugh like nobody else in the poker business, and he’s right on the money most of the time. His ability to put other pros on tilt and drain them of money is second to none.

Here are seven things that you may find it hard to believe that Tony G. has actually said. I promise that every one of them is 100% true.
“We are all winners here.”

During a Big Game TV event in 2010, Tony and Phil Hellmuth clashed early and often. To be more accurate, Tony clashed with everyone at the table – Phil just happened to go head to head with him more times than the rest of the table.

It started when he felted Hellmuth after conning Phil to go all-in with A-9 unsuited. He dropped the famous bomb: “Phil, you’re a winner, you have so many accomplishments. We are all winners here.” The sarcasm dripping from his voice could choke a horse. Phil sat there and took it, waiting for the right lull in Tony’s madness to make a decent exit. But Tony didn’t let up just yet.

He went on to tell 14-time WSOP champion Hellmuth that perhaps “… holdem cash games aren’t your forte.” Phil didn’t stick around for long after that. Can you blame him?
“Bring more Russians on!”

As one correspondent said immediately after this outburst – Tony G. can single-handedly reignite the Cold War.

During the 2006 Intercontinental Poker Championships, with Guoga representing Australia at the final table, things had already gotten a little testy. The other four guys left were seated at the far end of the table, with Tony relegated to a seat all by his lonesome. Guoga was head to head against Rick Perry and basically just bullied him into calling all-in with unsuited King-Jack. In retrospect, Guoga’s pair of 2’s wasn’t exactly a world-beater, either. In true Tony G. fashion, upon beating Perry by the slimmest of margins, he lambasted him for making such a weak move.

First he yelled the now infamous lines: “Is this how you play? You call with King-Jack? What school you went to?” He was stomping around the back of the table, pointing at Perry’s cards, and making a total scene. That’s when he decided he’d be happy to play more Russians, if this was the quality he could expect from them. Then came the infamous line: “Bring more Russians on!”

It didn’t end there – but if you follow Guoga’s career at all, you probably didn’t expect it to. As Perry walked off the stage (way more calmly than could be expected of any mortal man) Tony couldn’t help but dig into him again. A few people in the live audience started to clap for Perry respectfully as he walked off, but Tony G. jumped up and started yelling again: “He doesn’t deserve applause.”

Well, no one will ever accuse Antanas Guoga of accepting victory with grace – not at the table, at least.
“Of course I lied. It’s poker.”

Remember that time Tony tricked Phil Hellmuth into going all-in?

This one came up during season two of the Big Game. After beating up on Hellmuth early, asking him “Where’s your money?” and pointing derisively at Hellmuth’s $28,000 stack, Tony G. just wouldn’t relent. At one point, he raised Phil to $21,600 with Ace-King suited. Phil responded by going all-in, believing that Tony hadn’t looked at his cards. Guoga had him fooled, and as soon as Tony revealed his hand, he uttered that now-famous phrase: “Of course I lied; it’s poker.”

This was one of the first time I saw anyone question Tony’s etiquette, publicly at least. Hellmuth quietly questioned whether it was ethical for Tony to lie about not looking at his hand. But let’s not get too crazy – Phil isn’t exactly Mr. Nice Guy, either.
“I am the greatest!”

Okay, so it’s not exactly an original quote. The difference here is that Tony G. genuinely believes it.

This particular incident came during another season of Big Game, after Guoga went all-in for the fourth time and took it, wiping out two players at the same time. In typical Tony fashion, he leapt up from the table without giving the vanquished opponent a dignified way to leave, and began a rare and odd monologue, mixing shouts with laughter:

“Who can do this in the whole world? There’s no one. Only Tony G can do this. This is the greatest show in the world!” A few moments pass before he goes on to say: “Bring me more of them. Give me a refill! Let me crush them!” His attitude softened, he sat down, and he looked the camera right in the eye and said: “Thanks so much for having me here!”

He continued his rant in a post-game, saying that his opponents “paid me off just like slot machines,” and that he’d had his car pulled around waiting for him before the hand even started.

If you’re not that familiar with Antanas Guoga, this article may make him seem like a total jerk. I think his mouth and his attitude is his single biggest asset in live poker. There are as many examples of him playing poorly and getting wiped out in two or three hands as there are examples of him going head to head and freaking the other player out.

Though Tony G. is now temporarily more concerned with international politics, you can bet he’ll be a part of the poker scene as long as he’s willing. Audiences love him, he’s great television, and (you have to admit) he’s sometimes a heck of a poker player.

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5 Tips For Success In NHL Live Betting

Live betting is quickly becoming a more and more popular way to bet on NHL hockey, as gamblers love the ability to wager on the action at any point during the game.

Once the puck drops, everything changes. The score. Momentum. Injuries. And definitely the odds.

With just five or six goals scored in most NHL games, one goal can have a dramatic effect on the live betting odds. Even a simple power play can cause a significant change on the odds, since NHL teams typically score a goal on 20% or more of their chances with the man advantage.

But if you follow the action, pay attention and stick to a game plan, NHL live betting can open up some great money-making opportunities.

Here are five tips that will give you a greater chance at enjoying success in NHL live betting.
1. Determine what live bets you want to make before the game starts

Just like when you’re placing a bet on the pre-game lines, you should have a plan for what live bets you’re looking to make.

By knowing which team or other prop (Over or Under, team totals, etc.) you want to bet on before the game starts, you can monitor the live betting lines and the in-game action until you find the odds you want. It’ll also prevent you from making a knee-jerk reaction when you see a team come out flying or a big favorite go down a couple of goals early, which may lead you to place a bet you otherwise wouldn’t have made.

In other words, if you decide you like the Leafs to win the game before it begins but decide to wait to see some of the action before you place your bet, you won’t be as tempted to bet on the Penguins if the Leafs get an early lead – even if those odds on Pittsburgh look too good to be true.

With all the live betting options at your disposal, it’s easy to get carried away. Having a strategy going into the game will help keep you disciplined. Plus, it really sucks to lose a live bet on a team you didn’t want to bet on before the game began.
2. Wait for a better line

Often times, you may like a team on the moneyline or want to bet an Over/Under, but aren’t quite getting the odds you want on that bet. Or you might be a little late to the party and be looking to bet on a bet after the line has already moved a lot, losing a lot of the value.

In this case, rather than force a bet at inferior odds, you can just wait for the game to start. Unless the team or total you wanted to bet on pre-game gets off to a great start, you’ll almost always find a better line on the live betting odds.

You may even get lucky with the early action going against what you wanted to bet on, opening up a ton of value on the bet you wanted to make. If you liked the Capitals -200 on the moneyline but they give up an early goal on a bad bounce, you may suddenly have the chance to make that same bet at close to even odds. (You’ll just need Washington to overcome that early deficit.)
3. Look to hedge

Hedging, when you bet both sides of a game to guarantee yourself a profit regardless of the outcome, is a great NHL live betting strategy because it minimizes your risk.

Teams that score the first goal in an NHL game go on to win the game approximately two-thirds of the time. So, if the team you bet on scores the first goal, live betting lines will give you the opportunity to bet on the other team at a much better price than your original bet.

There’s a bit of a balancing act with hedging, though. You don’t want to routinely buy out of bets that have a really good chance of winning if you just let them ride. Try to develop a feel for how the game is going, and look to hedge out of bets to guarantee profit if you don’t feel so confident that your team can maintain its early lead.
4. Understand each team’s changing strategies

Teams’ strategies change during a game depending on the scoreboard, and you need to make sure you’re thinking along with them.

For example, a tight-checking team like the Devils may get a couple of early breaks and build a quick 2-0 lead. At this point, they’ll probably look to tighten things up and play a more defensive style of game to protect that early advantage. That should create some value on the Under – especially now that the live total is possibly a couple of goals higher than the total was before the game began.

If the game is tied midway through the third period in the regular season, teams will often get a lot more conservative and play for the single point they’re guaranteed for a regulation tie, then take their chances at the second point in overtime.

Knowing this, you might be able to find some great value in betting on the game to go to overtime (often at decent odds) or placing a live bet on the Under.

One more critical thing to remember when doing NHL live betting is that teams will pull their goalies for an extra attacker in the final minutes of regulation time if they are down by a goal or two. (They’ll usually pull them with a minute or so to go if down by one goal, but could pull them with two minutes left or more if they need two goals to tie the game.)

When this happens, getting +1.5 or +2.5 on the live betting puck line isn’t as attractive as it may look, but -1.5 or -2.5 (or the live Over) may suddenly be worth a shot at some fatter odds. After all, the winning team just needs to shoot the puck into an empty net to expand its lead once the other team removes its goalie.

Empty netters don’t happen as often as you may think (in 2016-17, empty netters accounted for just 4.33% of the total goals scored in the regular season), and you certainly shouldn’t rely on them to cover a live puck line or Over bet. But they’re definitely a wild card you have to be aware of.
5. Know each team’s strengths, weaknesses and tendencies

Over a long season, many teams develop strong tendencies when it comes to how they start or finish games.

The NHL’s website is a great resource for this information. They have pages that break down the number of goals each team has scored per period, their records when leading or trailing after one or two periods, records when scoring or allowing the first goal, and more.

You can uncover some valuable nuggets, like how the Penguins only outscored opponents 67-66 in first periods (they were actually outscored in first periods at home) but dominated second and third periods by a combined score of 205-147. Knowing this would allow you to look to live bet the Penguins after the first period, likely with better odds than before the game began and with their worst period already out of the way.

The Senators won 76.3 per cent of the games in which they scored first in 2016-17, so live betting on them when they went up 1-0 could give you an edge if the odds were -300 or lower. The Flames were 33-0-1 when leading after two periods, making them a virtual lock on the live betting lines if they held an advantage after 40 minutes.

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5 Things All Casino Gambling Fans Are Sick of Hearing

The life of a casino gambling fan is filled with peaks and valleys. On one hand there are the good days, when chips seem to rain from the heavens and all the cocktail servers are part-time models.

Then there are the bad days, when the old lady with the oxygen tank blows smoke in your face and every game seems out to get you. Of course, that just comes with the territory.

What doesn’t come with the territory, however, are some of the stupid comments you have to listen to while trying to win a few extra bucks. The ones heard in the background are irritating enough, but when the moronic chatter is directed right to your face it’s enough to make you choke someone.

This post details 5 things that all casino gambling fans are sick of hearing. If you’ve already been bombarded with these clichés over the years, then you have my sympathy.

For those who are just starting their gambling careers, get ready to hear these phrases until you’re blue in the face.
1. “This game is rigged.”

Let’s get something straight: casino games are not rigged. Sure, the rules may ultimately favor the house, but they’re also clearly printed for the customer to read.

The idea that the casino would cheat in the middle of play is ridiculous, and it’s one of the most common things that losing gamblers tell themselves. This allows them to take the blame off themselves for their perceived misfortunes.

If you do nothing else, don’t delude yourself into thinking that you’re being cheated. Just admit your role in the process and take your losses like a man (or woman).
2. “The drinks are free around here. Yes!”

Whenever I hear this, I try to get away as soon as possible. These words are usually spoken by someone who loves alcohol, and those free drinks will soon leave them sloppy drunk and wanting to strike up a conversation with their neighbor (in this case, you).

They don’t seem to realize that everything the casino does is for a purpose. When you have too much to drink, your brain ceases to work as effectively. When that happens, your ability to make decisions is adversely affected.

All of these factors add up to an advantage for the house. While you’re chugging down imported beer, the casino is lifting your wallet and quietly removing the contents.
3. “Hey, pal, can I borrow $5? I’ll pay you back after I win.”

No matter how bad your losing streak gets, you should never, ever ask a stranger to lend you money. Not only is it rude, it also puts the other person in an extremely uncomfortable position.

Still, I bet this has happened to me at least six times over the last decade, and I still remember every one of those cringe-worthy moments. At least you can turn down a homeless person while walking in a particular direction. In this kind of situation, you’re a sitting duck with nowhere to run to.

The only time I broke down and floated a loan was to an attractive thirtysomething female, and I still kick myself for that decision. As you might have guessed, I never got reimbursed.

It’s like feeding monkeys at the zoo. Give food to one, and the other will come running. The best policy is not to do it. After all, it’s a casino and not a soup kitchen.
4. “The smoke doesn’t bother you, does it?”

I always cringe when I’m playing slots and a blue-haired old lady sits down next to me. It’s not because I have some beef with seniors, it’s just that I’m fearful they’re a smoker. If they are, you can bet they’ll be fishing out a cancer stick within minutes of their arrival.

I’ve dealt with asthma ever since I was a child. I’ve got a minor case, but it can be aggravated by exposure to certain types of chemicals. Cigarette smoke is definitely on that list.

While I hate for someone to ask if smoke bothers me while I’m obviously turning blue, at least they have the courtesy to inquire. The people I really hate are the ones who sit down and intentionally blow it in my direction.

Here are just some of the chemicals found in cigarette smoke, as well as other places these same ingredients are located:

Butane – rubber cement
Tar – used to pave roads
Arsenic – rat poison
Ammonia – household cleaning products
Methanol – rocket fuel
Acetone – nail polish remover

5. “Time for another trip to the ATM.”

If I had a quarter for every time I’d heard this phrase uttered in casinos…well, I’d have a helluva lot of quarters.

Some players approach the casinos like maniacs, betting outrageous sums of money without even understanding the proper strategy for their game of choice. When they inevitably run out of money, their solution is simple: head back to the ATM machine.

Not only is this stupid, but it’s also a good way to end up with a drained bank account. This is exactly the reason why casinos place ATM machines around in the first place.

It’s also a total slap in the face to the concept of bankroll management. The objective is to play only with the money you can afford to lose, not dip into savings that are being held aside for food, rent, and your child’s college education.

Gambling at the casino can be tough, as a winning streak can quickly turn into a living nightmare. It’s all part of the game, though, and experienced gamblers learn to take the good with the bad.

While players can get used to the ups and downs of gaming, there are some phrases and clichés that are likely to set off even the most seasoned pro. Yell one of these at Doyle Brunson the next time he putters by on his scooter, and he’s likely to try and run you over.

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